Chair of Department
Dr. Peter Gutwa Oino

Dr. OINO holds a PhD in Development Anthropology (Moi University0. Master of Arts degree in Sociology-(Community Development & Project Management) and Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies-(Anthropology-Major, Sociology Minor) from Moi University. In addition, he holds a Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management (KNEC); a Diploma in Project Management- Kenya Institute of Management Studies-KIM; currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation (Mt. Kenya University).

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Our Staff

Anne Chepkurui 

Coordinator Field Attachment 

Anne holds an MA in Social Development and Management from Maseno University, BA in Social Work and Social Administration from Uganda Christian University. 

Dr. Jeanne Mogusu 

Jeanne Mogusu holds a doctoral degree in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis on Community Development and Housing from Jackson State University (USA); a Masters in Public Policy and Administration: Community and Economic Development from Jackson State University (USA), and a second Masters in Divinity from Andrews University (USA). A bachelor’s degree from Egerton University in Kenya. Dr. Mogusu’s current research interests are in Community and Economic Development, Sustainable Development, Gender and Development, and Leadership.

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Dr. Mildred Lumayo Fedha

Dr. Lumayo holds a Ph.D. in Gender and Development Studies (Kisii University, Kenya), a Master of Arts degree in Gender and Development Studies (Moi University, Kenya). She also holds another Masters’s degree in Human Resource Management (Kisii University) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Psychology (Makerere University, Uganda). Dr. Lumayo has been involved in several internationally funded research projects.

Susan Ndong

Assistant Lecturer, Project Planning, and Management: Sociology Department.

Mary Mutuku

Mary holds an MA in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi, BSC Project Planning and Management from Moi University.

Research and Publications of the Department

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